Around this Church Our Community Grew….

FB_IMG_1448538497311The first congregation of “Mira Ferry Union Church” began with the signing of the first “call” in 1849. The congregation was made up of members from all parts of eastern Cape Breton and numbered approximately 3,000 people.
The first Minister for the Mira congregation was Rev. Hugh MacLeod  DD from Scotland.  He was fluent in Gaelic, and was inducted on October 2, 1850.
The service was in both Gaelic and English, and was held outside on the hill, as no church yet existed.  Rev. MacLeod was Minister of the Mira congregation
from 1850 – 1885.  Every Sunday, the service would run from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  The first hour would be a service in English, and the second, a service in Gaelic.
The Union Presbyterian Church was built in 1857.  The lumber of the church was cut by the men of the congregation and floated down the Mira River to the building site, where it was milled and hewn.  Each able-bodied man was required to donate three weeks of time to the preparation of the logs.  All the lumber used to build the church was pine.  The logs that made up the frame were hand-hewn
and put together with pegs.  The floor was laid down with eleven inch planks.
The church has a seating capacity of IMG_00601,000.  The interior of the church is
dominated by the pulpit.  High on the wall, it gave the Minister a commanding
view of the congregation and for those seated in the balcony, a view of the Minister. Directly beneath the pulpit is the precentor’s box, where the precentor, or precentors, would sing the hymns to which the congregation would respond.
The interior of the church today remains much the same as it was in
1857, with the exception of a few less pews which were removed to
make room for the choir.